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.eu registration changes and Brexit

Note: If your .eu domain is currently suspended due to Brexit, and you have citizenship or a mailing address in a non-UK/GB EU country, please contact our GoDaddy Guides for help.

Due to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, the European Commission has decided how .eu domains will be managed for UK residents. Based on the European Commission's decision, effective immediately, GoDaddy will stop selling .eu domain names to customers with a UK registrant contact on their domain name.

Per the EURid Brexit notice, any currently registered .eu domain name with an existing United Kingdom registrant contact address was deactivated on 1 January 2021. Your domain will remain in a suspended state until 31 March 2021. Until that date, you can reactivate your domain name by requesting your domain registrant contact information be updated to a valid European Union address that is not in the UK.

What are my options?

  • If you have a valid address in the European Union that is not in the UK — you can request to have your domain registrant contact updated to keep the domain valid. Please note that you must use a valid registrant contact address according to valid ICANN guidelines. To make a request to have your domain contact information updated, please contact our GoDaddy Guides for help.
  • If you do not have a valid address — on December 31, 2020, your domain name will have been deactivated and removed from your account. You can register a different domain name, such as .uk and domains.

If you decide to register a different domain, you will need to update your services with us to use the domain. Below is a list of help articles for changing domains on the different services with us. If you have a custom-built website, you may need to update your website links and URLs to use the new domain.

What happens next?

If you're affected by these Brexit changes, you'll need to take action as soon as possible by requesting to have your domain contact information updated or registering a different domain. To make a request to have your domain contact information updated, please contact our GoDaddy Guides for help.

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